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Protein Sticks - Chicken

Chili Lime
No Soy Teriyaki
Variety Pack
  • Only 100% boneless, skinless, chicken breast (Other brands list “chicken”...Which is typically all the parts!)
  • 20g protein
  • 35+ vital nutrients
  • Zero sugar
  • 175mg choline
  • One whole egg
  • Only clean, premium ingredients
  • Chicken & egg –smart alternatives to beef
  • Gluten-Free

Ovation Foods Protein Sticks are a smart choice for a healthy snack providing high-quality protein and an abundance of vital nutrients. Great for “on-the-go” or just a satisfying “go-to” snack. A true Superfood super snack made for people like you who want to keep it real! Real Food!
This Protein Stick is unlike anything else in the world. Containing one of the best single source choline foods – one whole egg, the “Gold Standard” of proteins, and considered Mother Nature’s multivitamin for its abundance of whole body health benefits.

See What Customers Are Saying...

"When we walk in from doing chores or between meals and we need protein- we grab a stick. It is such the perfect snack for us."

Sunniva Sorby
– Founder Hearts In The Ice / Climate Care Expedition

"These new wonderful Chicken Sticks contain Choline-It’s the next Supernutrient ...Go Ovation!"

Anthony Almada
– MSc, FISSN Nutrition and Exercise Biochemist

"This is my go-to protein snack. Satisfying Protein! Supercool. I serve them up with snack boards, or in a bento box for the school cafeteria, the practice field, or a picnic, or the beach."

Jamie Lee MCIntyre

"For protein, I use Chicken Sticks from Ovation Foods to pair produce with protein in making snack boxes. A great way to upgrade your jerky!"

Mia Syn

"I just had my first one as my mid-morning snack and it’s so tasty! I think these are going to be a great addition for us as a snack option!"


"Love them! They’re my go to at work when I can't get a break to eat...I'm a nurse."

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