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Chicken Strips - Chili Lime
Chicken Strips - Chili Lime 10pack
Chicken Strips - No Soy Teriyaki
Chicken Strips - No Soy Teriyaki 10pack
Chicken Strips - Smokehouse
Chicken Strips - Smokehouse 10pack
Chicken Protein Sticks - Chili Lime
Chicken Protein Sticks - No Soy Teriyaki
Chicken Protein Sticks - Smokehouse
Chicken Protein Sticks - Variety Pack

See What Customers Are Saying...

"When we walk in from doing chores or between meals and we need protein- we grab a stick. It is such the perfect snack for us."

Sunniva Sorby
– Founder Hearts In The Ice / Climate Care Expedition

"These new wonderful Chicken Sticks contain Choline-It’s the next Supernutrient ...Go Ovation!"

Anthony Almada
– MSc, FISSN Nutrition and Exercise Biochemist

"This is my go-to protein snack. Satisfying Protein! Supercool. I serve them up with snack boards, or in a bento box for the school cafeteria, the practice field, or a picnic, or the beach."

Jamie Lee MCIntyre

"For protein, I use Chicken Sticks from Ovation Foods to pair produce with protein in making snack boxes. A great way to upgrade your jerky!"

Mia Syn

"I just had my first one as my mid-morning snack and it’s so tasty! I think these are going to be a great addition for us as a snack option!"


"Love them! They’re my go to at work when I can't get a break to eat...I'm a nurse."

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