Get More From Your Snack.

A true “1st ever” bio functional, nutrient-dense superfood snack that provides essential nutrition from real food.

Grab & Go Anywhere.

Use your time wisely and get the energy return on investment your busy day requires.

Savor your Food Fix.

Nourish your body with cravable flavors and every essential vitamin and mineral your body needs, sans Vitamin C, plus 21 amino acids in ideal ratios.


You’re Hungry. However, consuming empty calories is not your modus operandi. You need substantial nutrition that will carry you through the tasks ahead, plus deliver whole body healthy benefits.

You routinely demand more from yourself. So, it’s only fair you demand more from your snack. Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks are a nutrient-dense whole-food protein snack that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. A high protein snack you can savor. Each naturally smoked stick packs in the nutrition of 100% chicken breast and one wholesome egg, helping you make every bite count.


The most important aspect to optimal performance is how you fuel your body. Quality proteins and healthy fats from whole food sources are the favorite choice for smart athletes, fitness pros, and weekend warriors.

With their combination of chicken breast and egg, Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks contain almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body.


  • Choline fuels mind-muscle connection!
  • 92% of Americans are deficient in Choline.
  • One Ovation Foods Chicken Stick includes 30% of the recommended daily intake of Choline.


Not sure which flavor will become your favorite?
Try our Trial Trio today! Includes:

  • (1) Chili Lime,
  • (1) Smokehouse,
  • (1) No Soy Teriyaki.
Taste-test with your friends, bring them on-the-go, or keep them all to yourself, we won’t judge!



We're pretty proud of how our's compare to other meat snacks on the market.

BENEFIT Other Meat Snacks Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks
CHOLINE 0 mg 175 mg
PROTEIN 6 grams 20 grams
SUGAR 6-8 grams 0 grams
You would need to pay a total of $5, and eat over 3 of the other guy’s meat snacks, to achieve the same amount of protein in just one of ours. Granted, you’d still fall short of the myriad of other essential nutrients you’d be getting in a single Ovation Foods Chicken Stick. And instead of 100% chicken breast, you’d be getting a concoction of random chicken parts with the other meat snacks on the market.


Whole Food - Whole Body Nutrition

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