Move Over Carrots! Eggs Are the New Superfood for Eye Health

Move Over Carrots! Eggs Are the New Superfood for Eye Health

In today's digital age, our eyes work harder than ever before. On average, Americans spend over seven hours each day staring at various screens from televisions to computers to cell phones. Each of these screens exposes our eyes to harmful blue light emitted by these devices. With technology use increasing, protecting your eyes is an extremely important topic for health-focused people.  

There are steps you can take to mitigate and reduce the damage to your eyes including getting regular eye exams, limiting the use of digital screens, and purchasing special blue light-blocking glasses. However, athletes and health-conscious people know that their diet can provide tremendous benefits when it comes to protecting your body naturally. As it turns out, eggs are one of the richest sources of two eye-protecting nutrients. 

The Negative Impacts of Blue Light on Our Health 

Blue light is a part of the natural spectrum of light all around us. In fact, blue wavelengths in sunlight are what make the sky appear blue. While some exposure to blue light can be beneficial, boosting alertness and mood, too much can have detrimental effects on our eyes.

Unlike other types of light, blue light penetrates all the way to the retina, the inner lining of the eye. Overexposure can cause digital eye strain with symptoms such as dryness, itchiness, and a burning sensation in the eyes. Long-term, this could potentially contribute to age-related macular degeneration, leading to significant vision loss.

Blue light also creates a flickering phenomenon that is more common than in longer light wavelengths. This flickering creates a glare that reduces visual contrast and sharpness forcing your eyes to work harder to focus.

Excessive blue light exposure can also disrupt your sleep by suppressing melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles. If you've been having trouble sleeping after long hours of watching digital screens, blue light might be the cause.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: The Unsung Heroes of Eye Health

After the brain, your eyes are the most complex parts of the human body. They require special care to keep healthy and in good working order. Two crucial antioxidants, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, are key components when it comes to protecting your eyes from the effects of blue light.

Found in a variety of foods, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are carotenoids, pigments found in nature that have strong antioxidant properties. When it comes to eye health, your retina is the most vulnerable to blue light damage. When consumed, these antioxidants accumulate in the retina and help absorb and filter out blue light.

Unfortunately, neither Lutein nor Zeaxanthin is produced naturally in our bodies. For this reason, it’s critical for health conscious people to make the right food and supplement choices to take advantage of these elements. Dieticians recommend that individuals consume 10 mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin every day to get the most benefit for eye health. 

A Natural Source of Eye-Protecting Antioxidants

One of the most effective ways to boost your intake of Lutein and Zeaxanthin is to consume eggs. Eggs, particularly the yolks, are rich in these vital antioxidants. Adding to their benefits, eggs are also packed with protein and choline, making them a well-rounded choice for maintaining overall health. In addition to Lutein and Zeaxanthin, eggs are also a great source of Vitamins A, D, E, and B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

At Ovation Foods, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality foods that are packed with important nutrients. The foundation of each of our products is one whole egg, making our snacks an excellent source of both Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Best of all, our snacks are portable and easy for people with active lifestyles. We understand that maintaining a balanced diet is often easier said than done, especially for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts who are always on the move. That's why we've designed our products to not only be rich in vital nutrients but also to be convenient and portable.

Whether you are stocking up on our protein sticks, chicken strips, or our brand-new Steak-N-Eggs line, you’ll get the benefits of eye-healthy Lutein and Zeaxanthin in every bite. 

The Future of Eye Health is Here

We can’t stress enough the importance of proper nutrition to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light from the screens around you every day. There is only so much protection you can get from regular check-ups and protective eyewear.

In a world that's becoming more digital and health-conscious, we’re proud to bring you the highest quality snacks made from the premium cuts of meat, whole eggs, and flavorful spices. Available in flavors such as Chili Lime, Smokehouse, and Teriyaki, you’ll never have to compromise on nutrition or taste with snacks from Ovation Foods. Check out our full line of products today. 

May 31, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Kick Off Summer with the Perfect Portable Snack

Kick Off Summer with the Perfect Portable Snack

In the United States, Memorial Day is an important holiday honoring the brave men and women who have fought throughout the years to preserve the American way of life. Memorial Day is also one of the most exciting holidays as it’s widely viewed as the unofficial start of summer. Each year, fitness and outdoor enthusiasts look forward to Memorial Day weekend as a time to shift their workouts and adventures into high gear.

Whether you are hitting your favorite hiking trails, surfing some waves at the beach, or planning your summer fitness routine, your body needs the right fuel to perform at its best. There are a wide range of snack options to keep your body energized and ready to tackle the most strenuous challenges. However, not all snacks are created equal. Here are five factors to consider when selecting healthy snacks for Memorial Day, summer, and beyond.  

1. High Protein and Nutrient-Dense 

Engaging in outdoor activities and workouts can be physically demanding. To tackle these challenges, you need to find the perfect balance of calories to fuel your body and nutrients necessary to support muscle growth, repair, and recovery. It's equally important to steer clear of snacks that are high in added sugars, which can lead to quick energy spikes followed by crashes.

At Ovation Foods, we understand these needs and have crafted our snack products with nutrition in mind. Each of our snacks is packed with quality food sources, like whole egg, which provides the “gold-standard” of protein along with a plethora of key nutrients like choline, which plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular, cognitive, and muscular function. Our goal is to provide you with sustained energy throughout the day, so you can perform at your very best. 

2. Portability and Convenience

When it comes to choosing snacks for outdoor adventures, portability and convenience are important factors to consider. While fresh fruits and salads are great healthy options, they often require additional planning and packaging, which can be a challenge during extended hikes or while kayaking in open waters. Apart from the additional weight, many of these healthy snacks require utensils, making them less convenient in outdoor settings.

All of our snacks are designed for on-the-go activities. Whether you select our chicken strips, protein sticks, or the latest Steak-N-Eggs option, our products are compact enough to fit in your backpack or pocket, ensuring you always have a nutritious snack at your fingertips, no matter where your adventures take you. Best of all, they require no preparation, no portable containers, and no utensils - just open and enjoy!

3. Fresh and Non-Perishable

While embarking on adventurous outdoor activities, access to fresh, safe-to-consume snacks is paramount. Not every food item can withstand the elements, and perishable goods can quickly spoil in extreme conditions or fluctuating temperatures.

Our snacks are non-perishable, don’t require refrigeration, and taste great even in the most challenging environments. Whether you are embarking on a hike in the sweltering desert or slogging through a damp forest, our snacks will always provide you with fresh nutrition and energy. 

4. High-Quality Ingredients

Many snack foods on the market today are filled with low-quality and highly-processed ingredients. We care about the quality of the products and only select the best quality meats and spices. You’ll never end up with scraps or ingredients you can’t pronounce. With Ovation Foods, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for portability and nutritional value. 

5. Great Tasting 

When it comes to selecting snacks for your Memorial Day adventures, taste should never be compromised. You shouldn’t have to choke down boring and uninspiring health foods to get the fuel you need for your active lifestyle. After all, what's the point of a snack if it doesn't satisfy your cravings?

At Ovation Foods, we offer a wide range of mouthwatering flavors to keep your taste buds happy even when the rest of your body is being put to the test. Available in teriyaki, smokehouse, chili lime, black pepper, and jalapeño and cheddar, you’ll have the option to switch things up and never get bored with the same old flavor.

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, don’t forget to stock up on the right healthy snacks for you and your active family. Check out our product line today for the best tasting, nutritious, and most portable snack options around. It’s time to embrace the summer, savor the adventure, and let Ovation Foods fuel your journey!

May 29, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Nourishing the Community: Ovation Foods' Commitment to Giving Back and Nutritious Snacks

Nourishing the Community: Ovation Foods' Commitment to Giving Back and Nutritious Snacks

Food insecurity can have serious consequences for a person's health, both physically and mentally. Malnutrition, chronic disease, obesity, and poor mental health can all result. Food instability puts children at risk of stunted growth, delayed development, and low academic performance. Food insecurity has been a grieve ailment in the world for decades and decades now and the recent pandemic made it even worse.

The Importance of Food Bank Donations

Food banks serve an important role in delivering food aid to those in need. They rely on donations from people and organizations to feed those experiencing food insecurity. Donations from companies such as Ovation Foods can have a big impact on food banks' ability to give food assistance to those in need.

Food bank donations not only provide much-needed relief to families and individuals experiencing food poverty, but they also help to decrease food waste. 

Food waste is becoming a rising issue, with roughly one-third of all food produced globally going to waste. Food banks are one option to help reduce food waste while also offering much-needed aid to people in need. As per The United Nations Environment Programme, one-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted. There is an urgent need to cater to this problem. 

Ovation Foods' Food Bank Donations: Fighting Malnourishment and Giving Back To People

Ovation Foods, which distributes pre-packaged nutritious snack foods, like: chicken strips and sticks, has recently donated various items to a local food bank network. The company is dedicated not just to making healthy and delicious food, but also to giving back to the community. Ovation Foods is working with the One Another Foundation to combat childhood hunger in locations where basic nutrition is missing. 

The Nutritional Advantages of Ovation Foods Snacks

The philosophy of Ovation Foods is simple: To create the healthiest foods on the planet!. Their snacks are not only delicious, but also high in nutrients, such as choline, which is essential for brain health. In fact, each Ovation snack has 1/3 of your daily recommended intake of choline, which is obtained naturally from 1 whole egg in each serving. Choline aids cognitive function, memory, and mood management. 

Furthermore, Ovation Foods' chicken strips and sticks are high in protein, with each pack providing 20-24 grams. They are also gluten-free, soy-free, and preservative-free, making them a nutritious snack option.

Much Needed Assistance

Ovation Foods is dedicated to giving back to the community, as evidenced by recent gifts to a local food bank network. The food bank provides much-needed assistance to families and individuals experiencing food insecurity. Many people have lost their employment as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and families are trying to make ends meet. Ovation Foods' donations have offered much-needed aid to individuals in need.

Ovation Foods In Collaboration With Midwest Food Bank

Ovation Foods has joined hands with the Midwest Food Bank recently to give nutritious foods to those in need. Ovation Foods contributed 37,000 high protein chicken and egg snacks to the Midwest Food Bank of Normal, Illinois in the first donation, and an additional 16,870 in March. The snack sticks feature Eggsentials™, a novel whole food egg ingredient that offers a shelf-stable answer to the fight against hunger and malnutrition in the United States.

The protein-packed snacks are a boon to the 500 nonprofit organizations and food pantries that they serve, as quality protein items are in short supply. 

Giving Back to the Community: A Mission

Ovation Foods is on a good mission. They are committed to producing nutritious foods, protecting the environment, and giving back to the community. The One Another Foundation was established by the corporation to combat childhood hunger in locations where basic nourishment is lacking. They believe that every child deserves to develop and thrive, and they deliver the greatest nutrition possible by utilizing the bio-functional components present in a fresh whole egg.

Collaboration between the One Another Foundation and Kibuye Hope Hospital

Through corporate partners, Ovation Foods is collaborating with the Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi, one of the world's poorest countries, to combat pediatric malnutrition. Burundi has nearly double the rate of food insecurity as other African countries, as well as the highest rates of chronic malnutrition and child stunting of any country in the Global Hunger Index. 

The Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi provides emergency, primary, and specialist medical treatment while also functioning as the major training hospital for a thriving medical school, assisting in the training of the next generation of Burundian doctors and leaders. Ovation Foods' involvement with the Busoma Program will assist in feeding at-risk children by giving much-needed food, nutrition, and assistance to help them recover, grow, and thrive.

Giving Back is Ingrained in the DNA of Ovation Foods

Giving back is in the DNA of Ovation Foods. They think that every deed, no matter how large or small, is significant. The company is committed to having the greatest possible effect where it is most needed. They provide nutritional help to moms and children both at home and abroad through the One Another Foundation. The dedication of Ovation Foods to giving back is amazing, and they are making a meaningful difference in the world.

Bottom Line

Ovation Foods' recent gifts to Midwest Food Bank demonstrate their commitment to community service. The company's snacks are not only tasty, but also high in nutrients, including the essential vitamin choline. The recent contribution of the company with Midwest Food Bank to hand out 16,870 snacks, and past donation of 37,000 is commendable. The objective of Ovation Foods to combat childhood malnutrition in locations where basic nutrition is missing is noble, and their collaboration with the Kibuye Hope Hospital is making a significant difference in the lives of at-risk children. 

Ovation Foods is establishing a good example for other businesses to follow, and hope that more businesses will follow in their footsteps and give back to the community! 

May 10, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Ovation Food's Steak-N-Eggs: A Tasty Astronaut-Inspired On-The-Go Snack

Ovation Food's Steak-N-Eggs: A Tasty Astronaut-Inspired On-The-Go Snack

When selecting the right foods and snacks to supercharge your fitness lifestyle, most people look to their nutrition and fitness icons for inspiration. Sometimes, you may even need to look beyond the bounds of our planet Earth to find the answer. Have you ever considered what fueled the brave astronauts during their historic space missions? 

Like world-class athletes, astronauts must be in top shape to perform their duties in space. This extremely difficult task requires carefully planned nutrition to ensure they are able to remain healthy, full of energy, and focused during their mission. In this blog post, we’ll explore how steak and eggs became a top choice for astronauts to keep their bodies fueled and how Ovation Food’s new Steak-N-Eggs snack is the perfect on-the-go option for fitness and health advocates today. 

Steak and Eggs: A Historic Choice for Astronauts

Traditions and superstitions are common across the aerospace industry and are thought to bring good luck to missions. Across the globe, there are over a dozen space agencies that have the ability to launch rockets and astronauts into space. Each has their own quirky traditions or practices such as signing bathroom doors, listening to a certain type of music, getting a blessing from a priest, or bringing along good luck charms. 

Eating steak and eggs is a long standing tradition with NASA astronauts. This meal provides the perfect protein-rich combination to help keep astronauts full and focused throughout the day. It all started with Alan Shepard, the first American in space, who enjoyed a steak and eggs breakfast before his 1961 Mercury mission. The mission was a huge success! The meal soon became a regular staple and was even eaten by Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins before their historic moon landing in 1969. 

Astronauts and fitness enthusiasts alike understand the critical role nutrition plays in achieving peak performance. Proper nutrition provides the energy and stamina needed to tackle grueling physical challenges, whether it's a high-intensity workout or a spacewalk in microgravity. Just as astronauts carefully plan their meals to maintain optimal health in space, fitness advocates must also be mindful of their dietary choices to support their active lifestyles.

Power Your Fitness Routine Like an Astronaut

At Ovation Food’s, we’re committed to providing our customers with delicious, nutritious on-the-go snacks to keep them fueled throughout the day. Inspired by elite astronauts, each serving of our new Steak-N-Eggs product is packed with an impressive 25-28 grams of protein and 190 milligrams of choline, a vital nutrient commonly found in eggs to promote healthy brain function, liver health, and muscle growth and control. 

Not only does Ovation Food’s Steak-N-Eggs have outstanding nutritional value, but it offers a mouthwatering taste made from the best quality ingredients including high-quality cuts of meat, whole eggs, and flavorful spices. You’ll never see our products filled with fillers, scraps, or other unnatural ingredients. 

Ready to take your fitness and healthy lifestyle to the next level? Why not channel your inner astronaut and give our Steak-N-Eggs snack a try? Available in several flavors including Jalapeño & Cheddar, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, and Smokehouse, with our Steak-N-Eggs snack you’ll be ready to conquer your next fitness goal or challenge. 

May 05, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Nutrient-Dense Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrient-Dense Nutrition for Athletes

In my role as a tactical strength and conditioning coach and performance nutritionist, I am responsible for helping my military, fire, and law enforcement occupational professionals perform at their physical best under non-traditional circumstances and environments. Unlike traditional sports and athletics where the location, time, duration, start-end times, conditions, plus other factors, are very predictable, police, military, and firefighters do not have such control or predictability over their calls and missions. In training, I can control the training and nutritional factors that lead to optimal outcomes and adaptations sure, but when the operators go out into the field, this is often not the case.

I work hard to educate my student cadets at the DoD fire academy at Goodfellow AFB on the importance of nutrition, recovery, hydration, rest, sleep, and the impacts these things have on their health, wellness, performance, and job success day to day and over their careers. I also coach and train several athletes outside the fire academy in some unique recreational activities like hiking and backpacking who spend hours outdoors on extended hikes of 3-8 hours a day carrying loads of 25-60lbs. Once more, the demands of these activities place these people in conditions and environments where factors of fueling are less than ideal but still need to be considered and applied to assure their performance and safety are sustained when out in nature for an all-day or multiple-day event.

I do my homework on foods, fluids, and supplements that can help my operators and client athletes alike, so they do not have to sift through all the 100s of options out there to decide what is best for them or not. I want to be able to provide clear solutions to their fueling needs no matter the context of their hobbies or jobs. I am always happy to explain why I recommend or suggest a particular food, fluid, or supplement to them as well. Knowledge is power after all. Most of the time my clients and athletes have given their trust after years of working together. They have come to see I use an evidence-based, scientific approach to my nutritional recommendations for them. I never demand they take or use anything, I simply offer helpful suggestions that could very well help them out in solving a problem we deal with in their fueling plan. The 3 main areas my clients from the tactical and outdoor adventure domains seek help in for fueling most often is hydration and snack planning. In this article, I will cover how I have come to suggest Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks as one primary food-based snack my clients and athletes (as well as myself) use to help them perform optimally when in the field of battle or when going up against mother nature.

Things would be very easy for me if I could control and predict all the variables my clients face like temperature, duration, location, the timing of events, etc. This is rarely the case for police, fire, and military members. Calls and missions can take place at any time, to any place, and last for a few minutes or for several hours. Outdoor adventure athletes need to pack all of the food and fluids they need to weather the elements but also need to consider pack loads as every item they take with them adds weight to the load and leads to slower paces and higher fatigue, thus if they do not need to carry it or can opt for a smaller/lower weight/volume item, I typically suggest they do it! 

If it gets too cold fluids can freeze and bars can be rock solid making them unconsumable. If it is too hot out, chocolate-covered bars/snacks melt or get mushy to the point they cannot be eaten or become a mess to even attempt to consume. Granola and trail mix have been staples of many hikers yes but this is primarily a carbohydrate/energy source, not a complete protein source of food. Jerky is also a staple food item I often recommend but there are now as many junk versions of jerky out there as good ones lower in sugar and salt and higher in protein. I can't just tell them to “go buy some jerky” as they likely won't walk away with what I want them to use. I also need the food items they pick to be portable, stable, sealed, simple, and tasty, not just practical. If it doesn’t taste good, all the rest is pointless, it must taste good! I learned this early on in my engagement with these kinds of clients and athletes, taste matters most! 

Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks managed to fit the bill in EVERY domain of portable, tasty, temperature stable, sealed, and practical. They also filled a void many bars, trail mixes, and jerky foods did not. They function as a no-sugar, higher protein food with just 7 grams of fat per 1.5 oz stick. 30% of one's daily choline is another very nice perk to each stick as well. Given how choline acts as a primary precursor to the body’s primary muscular neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.  Protein from chicken and a whole egg to boot. High-quality, complete protein that can be eaten as a stand-alone protein food source or in combination with other carbohydrate and healthy fat-sourced foods like nuts, seeds, granola, snack bars, dried fruits, etc. Protein-based foods also have a higher satiation index which means they leave a person feeling fuller longer than carb/starch/sugar-based foods would in an equal calorie serving. The fact that three assorted flavors are available at that, allows my clients to change things up each time they consume a Chicken Stick and not be stuck with the same thing every time. I happen to like Chili Lime best, but Teriyaki and Smokehouse impress me as well. I do not take lightly to poor tasting foods even if the health/nutrition perks are impressive, I got to enjoy what I eat just like my clients and athletes demand of me when making suggestions to them. 

Before I even wrote a single word about the Chicken Sticks here, I ordered my own variety pack to see for myself just what they were about and how they tasted. A good friend of mine in Wisconsin who works in the very facility that manufactures the sticks told me of them and asked what I thought about them. Being clueless at the time, I was surprised and intrigued all at once. I had to know more! Being a skeptic of most anything brand new in the functional foods and drinks arena, I am fine tossing something aside and telling my clients and athletes to bypass things in favor of what truly works and is worth their time and money. This ended up not being one of those items. I was sold on all fronts as mentioned above, flavor, texture, nutrition, practicality, affordability, and economy. This was something I could use and my clients could use it across occupations and hobbies alike. 

I am not here to say these chicken sticks are the single best food item for a tactical military operator on deployment, for a firefighter out on a long call, or a police officer responding to an all-day emergency call. Nor am I saying they cover every nutritional base for an outdoor hiker or backpacker doing all-day or multi-day treks. Nutritional planning involves so much more than any one food can offer someone. Timing, amounts of food, ratios of food sources, the balance of nutrients, individual food preferences and tolerances, etc. All need to be factored into a functional, workable, and sustainable food plan for any one person. These chicken sticks simply act as a key player in the arsenal of food options that these professionals and recreational athletes alike can utilize within their lifestyles to optimize performance. 

Safe to say I personally will be using the sticks often when I travel for work and leisure. When I have long, extended work days out on the fire training pad with student cadets and can't get back to the office or break room for a meal. My own clients will see these as top suggestions for their hikes, rucks, and camping treks. The best solution to obstacles is often the simplest and as I see it, adding in a food source as versatile as these are, does not get much easier than this. Try them and see for yourself.

About the Author:

BIO: Joshua Hockett is a 16-year strength and conditioning specialist having worked with two NCAA D1 sports teams, one MLB team, the US Navy via 2 US aircraft carriers, a paratrooper squadron in Italy. He now works for the DoD fire academy at Goodfellow AFB in Texas where he acts as the human performance consultant within the firm, Booze Allen Hamilton. Joshua provides strength and conditioning and performance nutrition as well as recovery modalities for the 300 multi-service branch students of the academy year-round. Joshua also coaches several remote-based clients through his own business titled "Muscles N Morsels." Joshua holds an MS in exercise science from UW-La Crosse and a BS in Kinesiology from UW-Milwaukee. Josh holds certifications as a strength and conditioning specialist and tactical strength and conditioning facilitator from the NSCA. He is also an ISSN-certified sports nutritionist as well as an ACSM-certified exercise physiologist. He can be found at his website and on LinkedIn or social media at @musclesnmorsels

April 19, 2023 — Andrew Lang
The Importance of Choline for Athletes

The Importance of Choline for Athletes

Choline is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in various bodily functions, including brain development, liver function, and muscle movement. It is a water-soluble vitamin-like nutrient that is necessary for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate memory, mood, and muscle control [1-3].

For athletes, choline is particularly important as it can enhance physical performance, improve cognitive function, and aid in muscle recovery[12-14]. Studies have shown that athletes who consume adequate amounts of choline may have a lower risk of developing fatigue, muscle damage, and inflammation [11,15]. Choline is found in a variety of foods, including eggs, liver, and soybeans. Eggs, in particular, are an excellent source of choline, with one large egg containing approximately 147 mg of choline. Athletes who consume eggs as part of their daily diet may benefit from improved muscle function, increased energy levels, and reduced risk of injury[9-12].

Choline is also critical for brain function [4-5], particularly for athletes who need to maintain focus and concentration during training and competition. Choline helps produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential for cognitive function, memory, and attention [4,8]. By consuming adequate amounts of choline, athletes may improve their reaction time, decision-making ability, and overall mental performance [12]. Choline is involved in every muscle movement through mind-muscle connectivity [9-11].

In addition to its cognitive benefits, choline also plays a crucial role in muscle recovery[9-10]. When muscles are damaged during exercise, they require choline to repair and rebuild. Athletes who consume adequate amounts of choline may experience reduced muscle soreness, faster recovery times, and improved muscle strength [9-10].

Despite its many benefits, many athletes may not be consuming enough choline in their diets, leading to a choline deficiency[16]. Symptoms of choline deficiency can include fatigue, muscle weakness, and liver damage. To combat this, athletes should aim to consume foods high in choline regularly.

One option for athletes looking to increase their choline intake is Ovation Food's chicken strips and chicken sticks. These products contain one whole egg per serving, providing athletes with a convenient and delicious source of choline. In addition to being an excellent source of choline, Ovation Food's products are also high in protein, making them an ideal post-workout snack or meal.

Choline is an essential nutrient for athletes, providing numerous benefits for physical and cognitive performance [5]. Eggs are a great source of choline, but many athletes may not be consuming enough of this nutrient in their diets. Ovation Food's chicken strips and chicken sticks provide a convenient and delicious way for athletes to increase their choline intake and fuel their bodies for optimal performance.



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March 27, 2023 — Andrew Lang
How Whole Eggs Contribute to a Complete Protein Diet through Ovation Foods' Chicken Strips and Sticks

How Whole Eggs Contribute to a Complete Protein Diet through Ovation Foods' Chicken Strips and Sticks

Eggs are considered as one of the most versatile and nutrient-dense foods on the planet. They are an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. For those who are looking for a convenient and healthy way to consume eggs, Ovation Foods offers an excellent solution with their chicken sticks.

Chicken sticks by Ovation Foods are a great way to enjoy the benefits of whole eggs in a convenient and tasty snack. Each chicken stick contains one whole egg, making it an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients. These protein sticks are made with simple and wholesome ingredients such as chicken breast, eggs, and seasonings, and they are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Ovation Foods' chicken sticks are a perfect snack for people who are on-the-go or looking for a quick protein boost. They are easy to pack in your bag or lunchbox and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The chicken sticks come in a variety of flavors, including original,chili lime, no soy teriyaki, and smokehouse, so there is something for everyone.

In addition to their chicken sticks, Ovation Foods also offers other chicken snacks such as chicken strips. These snacks are made with 100% natural chicken breast and are a great alternative to traditional protein snacks, such as protein bars, supplements and powders. Ovation Food’s products are the best “real food” choice: No artificial ingredients and without all the added sugars you find in other protein dense foods. 

When it comes to protein snacks, chicken sticks and chicken strips by Ovation Foods are a great choice. They are a healthier alternative to processed snacks and offer the nutritional benefits of whole eggs and chicken breast. These snacks are perfect for athletes, busy professionals, or anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To highlight the health benefits of one whole egg per product is the necessity of having Choline in one’s diet. Choline is a vital nutrient your body produces, but often not a sufficient amount which leads to a deficiency. A Choline deficiency can impact liver functionality, healthy brain development, and your nervous system to name just a few of the key parts of the body affected. Eggs provide an excellent means to overcome and satisfy these deficiencies, and Ovation Food’s understands this. There is no longer a need to waste time cooking an egg yourself when it is in every Ovation Food’s product!

Ovation Foods' chicken sticks and chicken strips are a great way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of whole eggs and chicken breast in a convenient and tasty snack. With no artificial ingredients and a variety of flavors to choose from, these snacks are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. So next time you're looking for a protein boost, reach for a pack of Ovation Foods' chicken strips or chicken sticks and enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits they offer.

March 13, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Fuel Your Next Adventure with Convenient and Nutritious Chicken Strips: Why Ovation Foods is the Ideal Choice

Fuel Your Next Adventure with Convenient and Nutritious Chicken Strips: Why Ovation Foods is the Ideal Choice

Are you searching for a healthy and convenient food option for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than Ovation Foods chicken strips. These delicious and nutritious chicken strips are the perfect fuel to keep you going on all your adventures.

Chicken is a popular choice for those seeking a lean and low-calorie source of protein. However, not all chicken products are created equal. That's where Ovation Foods chicken strips stand out from the crowd. Made with no sugars, these strips are a healthy option that you can feel good about eating.

One of the best things about Ovation Foods chicken strips is that they are ready to eat, straight from the packaging. No need to heat them up or spend time cooking them. This makes them the ideal food for outdoor activities, whether you're going on a camping trip or simply want a quick and healthy lunch on-the-go.

Ovation Foods chicken strips are also a nutritious choice, providing up to 22 grams of protein per serving. This makes them a great option for those looking to build and repair muscle after a workout, or for those who simply want to increase their protein intake. In addition to its high protein content, they also offer a source of choline, a vital nutrient that is often lacking in people's diets. Choline is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system, as well as supporting liver function and cardiovascular health.

Taste is just as important as nutrition, and Ovation Foods chicken strips do not disappoint. The strips are seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, giving them a delicious flavor that is sure to please. Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast, a pre-workout snack, or a dinner option, these chicken strips make a great option for any time of day.

Don’t forget your strips after your workout or exercise either! You can grab that extra protein boost before you even make it back to your house, just throw a pack of the chicken strips in your bag and start munching on the way home.

If you're looking for a healthy, convenient, and tasty food option for your next adventure, Ovation Foods chicken strips are the ideal choice. With their ready-to-eat convenience, high protein content, and delicious flavor, these strips are sure to become a staple in your diet. So, go ahead and give them a try – your taste buds and your body will thank you!

February 26, 2023 — Andrew Lang
Stay Fueled and Nourished on-the-go with Nutrient-Dense Foods: Why Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks and Strips are the Best Choice

Stay Fueled and Nourished on-the-go with Nutrient-Dense Foods: Why Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks and Strips are the Best Choice

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find healthy and convenient food options when on-the-go. However, with the right choices, you can still eat well and nourish your body, even when you're short on time. That's where nutrient-dense foods come in. These foods are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help you stay healthy, even when you're on the move.

One of the most popular and convenient nutrient-dense foods is chicken. Chicken is a great source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscle, as well as supporting overall health. But not all chicken products are created equal. That's why Ovation Foods chicken sticks and strips stand out from the crowd.

Ovation Foods chicken sticks and strips are made from premium, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, making them a healthier and more sustainable option than other chicken products on the market that use all parts of the chicken. They are also seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, giving them a delicious flavor that is sure to please.

In addition to their great taste, Ovation Foods chicken sticks and strips are also incredibly convenient. They are ready to eat, straight from the packaging, making them the perfect food for outdoor activities, like camping or hiking, or for those days when you need a quick and healthy lunch on-the-go.

One of the best things about Ovation Foods chicken sticks and strips is their high protein content. With at least 20 grams of protein per serving, they are a great option for those looking to build and repair muscle after a workout, or for those who simply want to increase their protein intake.

But protein isn't the only nutrient that these chicken sticks and strips offer. They are also a good source of choline, an essential nutrient that is often lacking in people's diets. Choline plays a key role in maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system, as well as supporting liver function and cardiovascular health.

That’s not the only important role choline plays in your diet. Despite its importance, many people do not consume enough choline, which may increase the risk of liver disease, cognitive decline, and other health problems. Therefore, it is crucial to include choline-rich foods in one's diet to maintain optimal health and well-being. Ovation Food’s products pack in a whole egg to each product to help overcome this deficiency!

If you're looking for a healthy, convenient, and tasty food option for your on-the-go lifestyle, Ovation Foods chicken sticks and strips are the ideal choice. With their ready-to-eat convenience, high protein content, and delicious flavor, these nutrient-dense foods are sure to become a staple in your diet. So, go ahead and give them a try – your taste buds and your body will thank you!

February 24, 2023 — Andrew Lang
How to Add Complete Protein to Your Diet

How to Add Complete Protein to Your Diet

Eating a variety of food is essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Eating enough complete proteins are crucial as these types of proteins possess the nine amino acids that are needed to support our diets. These amino acids keep you going by repairing your tissue and absorbing nutrients. Complete proteins will also help your body fight off illness, support recovery, and boost your mood. 

These proteins can be found in various different foods. The most popular way to intake these complete proteins are through animal-based sources: 

  • Meat (beef, chicken, pork)
  • Fish (tuna, salmon, cod)
  • Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt)

For those who eat vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, or those who simply want to eat more organically, there are plant-based options for them that allows them to benefit from these complete proteins as well:

  • Soy (tofu, edamame, tempeh)
  • Quinoa
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas)
  • Nuts and seeds (almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds)

While these foods are great ways to eat complete proteins, most people do not want to eat these alone. You can make healthy and delicious meals that incorporate these complete proteins for you to enjoy a well-rounded dish:

  • If you are at a loss of what kind of meals you can eat with these complete proteins, consider these options: tofu stir-fry, quinoa and black bean salad, grilled chicken and vegetables, tuna casserole, salmon over a bed of asparagus. This is just a short list of the options you have when using these complete proteins, but any of these proteins along with a vegetable and grain are always a great choice for a balanced meal. 
  • You may not always have time to cook and sit down for a full meal. Thankfully, there are snack options that allow you to get in the complete proteins that your body needs. Ovation Strips and Ovation sticks allow you to enjoy high protein snacks that are ready to eat. These savory snacks can be packed in a bag for easy transportation and can be eaten on the go. 

Overall, meat from different animals such as chicken and beef as well as soy products are a great way to take in the complete proteins that your body needs to run efficiently and keep you healthy. Protein is crucial to anyone’s diet as it replenishes your energy levels and allows you to maintain and build muscle. Without enough protein, you may find yourself sluggish and unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. 

To eat a well balanced diet, ensure you are eating different protein sources and not just one category. This allows you to reap the benefits from each product, whether it be from an animal or plant. If you are new to eating a more balanced diet, or simply are looking for a new high protein snack, check out Ovation Foods.

These products are made of only clean ingredients and are gluten-free. They are made of 100% chicken breast as well as 35 plus nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Click here to purchase your own convenient chicken snacks.

January 19, 2023 — Austin Higgins
Easy Gluten Free Snacks for Paleo and Whole 30

Easy Gluten Free Snacks for Paleo and Whole 30

When looking to improve personal health, many people begin exploring different diets and lifestyles. Some of the most popular are gluten-free, paleo, and Whole 30. Gluten-free focuses on maintaining a diet of foods that do not include gluten, which can be found in bread and pastas. The paleo diet focuses on eating foods that were eaten by early humans, primarily meats. Whole 30 is revolved around eliminating sugar, alcohol, grains, and dairy for a more natural diet. 

While the gluten-free diet sounds restricting, this is not the case. Over the years, gluten-free substitutions have been flooding the market to help support this lifestyle. Some gluten-free snack ideas to get you started:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Nuts and seeds. Some options are almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds. 
  • Fresh fruit. Think apples, berries, bananas
  • Veggies and dip. Veggies popularly used for dipping are carrots, bell peppers, and cucumber slices. Some dips that go well with these veggies are hummus and guacamole
  • Jerky. This could be beef, chicken, or turkey

If you are looking for more of a paleo/whole 30 diet, these are some great options to start with:

  • Deviled eggs
  • Avocado and tomato “toast”. The toast will be gluten-free
  • Energy balls (these are made of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit)
  • Baked sweet potato chips

When beginning a new lifestyle change, you want to set yourself up for success. It can be easy to give in to foods that are easily accessible, especially when you are hungry. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • Keep snacks on hand- Wherever you go, keep ready to eat snacks on hand for those hunger cravings. This can be Ovation Foods who makes chicken sticks and chicken strips for high protein and portable snacks.
  • Prepare plenty of snacks- If you are making foods as snacks, make them in bulk. This ensures you have enough snacks when you need them, and it will be easy to grab them whenever you’d like.
  • Try new foods- Who says you have to eat the same thing every day? Experiment with different types of foods to see what you like. Having options when it comes to snacking will help you maintain your goals as you will enjoy diverse foods.

Eating a gluten-free or paleo/Whole 30 diet doesn’t have to be difficult. There is no need to spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing snacks as there are plenty of easy options. Eggs are a high protein and quick snack in anyone’s diet. You can boil as many as you’d like at once and they will continue to be ready to eat throughout the week. 

There is no need to eat only a handful of different foods when eating healthier. Everyone has a different palette and may enjoy different flavors. Exploring your options is the only way to know what you like and what you don’t. 

High protein snacks that are always ready to eat can be found through Ovation Food. They produce chicken strips and chicken sticks that are packed with flavor without unnecessary ingredients. They are gluten-free and made with eggs and chicken breast. They can be incorporated into paleo and whole30 diets with ease. These savory snacks are perfect for on the go. Click here to get your high protein snacks now.
January 11, 2023 — Austin Higgins
Top Holiday Snacks for Holiday Travel

Top Holiday Snacks for Holiday Travel

It’s that time of year where everyone is traveling for the holidays to see friends and family. Americans will be traveling all around whether it be the city, state, country, or world to be with loved ones. When on the go, it can be difficult to stop to find somewhere to fill your stomach. 

Keeping snacks handy is a great way to ensure you are able to eat while you are away from home. Anytime you have those hunger pangs, you can simply pull your snack out from your bag and enjoy. 

Traveling can become frustrating with the amount of people, possible mishaps such as a missed bus or plane, and perhaps missing luggage. You may also become worried about getting to your destination on time. When you are hungry, it is easy to become even more frustrated with a situation than if you were full and content. The last thing you need is to become hangry while traveling. 

Having a snack on you at all times is beneficial no matter where you go. Whether it be across town for a work event, a roadtrip to have a reunion with friends, or flying across the country to visit with family, an on-the-go snack will keep you satiated and full of energy. 

You may be unsure of what to bring with you for snacks to keep your stomach full. Some great snacks to bring along are: 

  • Nuts. Nuts can easily be packed in a small container to take with you anywhere. They are high in protein and fiber to keep your stomach feeling full for long periods of time. 
  • Fruit. Packing fruit to take with you on trips is an easy and satisfying option. Fruits such as apples or bananas can simply be grabbed for a quick on the go snack. 
  • Premade meals. This can be a frozen or fresh prepackaged meal that can be easily heated up. This allows you to eat a nutritious meal without having to spend time cooking. 
  • Ovation Foods. Ovation Foods has designed snacks to not only be good for you, but delicious as well. They have high protein snacks that are ready to eat for even the busiest person. They are gluten free and contain zero sugars for a healthier alternative. 

Another great thing about chicken sticks from Ovation Foods is that they make great gifts for that person in your life that is constantly on the go. They are designed to give the consumer plenty of energy and are made from 100% boneless and skinless chicken breasts and one whole egg. Coming in at 10 sticks per package, your loved one will have plenty to take with them when they need an energy boost.

These chicken sticks can be taken anywhere from across the street to across the world. They are readily available and simply need to be opened and enjoyed. They are made of only the most clean and premium ingredients with 20 grams of protein to satisfy any hungry craving. Visit here to grab your own chicken sticks. 

December 16, 2022 — Austin Higgins