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We’ve committed to using our gifts, talents, knowledge, and experience to benefit others and create value for both business and society. Giving back is part of our DNA, and every action — no matter how big or small — matters.

To help us accomplish our mission, we launched the One Another Foundation. One Another can mean many things: Supporting one another, sharing with one another, strengthening one another. The One Another Foundation is on mission to fight childhood malnutrition in areas where basic nutrition is lacking. By leveraging the bio-functional nutrients found in a fresh, whole egg, we work with international and domestic partners to provide the best possible nutrition for children to develop, grow, and thrive.

We actively work to help meet the nutritional needs of children, starting from their critical first 1,000 days of life, in order to ensure that they can reach their full mental and physical potential. One Another Foundation will work with both mothers and children to provide the education and support needed to build a strong nutritional foundation to benefit all aspects of their lives.


Scientific studies have demostrated the benefits of simple, whole foods and their ability to support the optimal physical, mental and emotional development. Unfortunately, many people across the world lack access to such foods and suffer from poor nutrition.

Malnutrition and poverty are interconnected: Malnutrition leads to medical issues and increased health care costs; at the same time, it decreases productivity and economic growth, trapping the world's most vulnerable in a devasting cycle. On a global scale, undernutrition accounts for nearly half of the deaths of children under 5.

The first 1,000 days of life are a time of tremendous potential and enormous vulnerability. During this time, a child's brain begins to grow and develop, and nutrition plays critical role. As a result, nourishing both mothers and children plays a critical role in a child's ability to grow, learn, and thrive.


We're focused on maximizing our impact where it's needed most. Through the One Another Foundation, Ovation Foods will provide nutritional support to mothers and children both at home and abroad. We're starting in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Burundi has nearly double the food insecurity as other African countries, as well the highest rate of chronic malnutrition and child stunting of all countries in the Global Hunger Index.

To help tackle this issue, we're partnering with the Kibuye Hope Hospital to help fight child malnourishment and improve health and well-being. The Kibuye Hope Hospital provides much-needed emergency, primary, and specialized medical care in Burundi while serving as the main training hospital for a flourishing medical school, helping to train the next generation of Burundian doctor and leaders. Through its Busoma Program, we will help to feed at-risk children, providing much-needed food, nutrition, and support to help them recover, grow, and thrive.

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