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Simple, easy to understand ingredients that deliver real flavor

Made with natural, known ingredients and lightly seasoned to provide a tasty treat. Read what our customers have to say about the flavor and nutrition of Ovation Snacks.

What our customers say
I almost can't go back to many jerky sticks anymore as they are too salty and sweet vs the more mild and chewy texture of the chicken sticks. I like them a lot! Darn good!
— Joshua
The smokehouse flavor is present and not overwhelming. These are perfect to carry with you and since they don't have an overwhelming scent, they can be eaten anywhere when you need a filling and healthy snack.
— MJ
I just had my first one as my mid-morning snack and it’s so tasty! I think these are going to be a great addition for us as a snack option!
— Mary
Love them! They’re my go to at work when I can't get a break to eat...I'm a nurse.
— Cynthia
The chili lime flavoring is really nice, complementing the chicken very well. If you're looking for something that maybe is a bit healthier than red meat without sacrificing much on the flavor side, these are worth a look!
— Eric
The texture of this jerky was exactly as I'd expect. It is not greasy at all, not oily, not a mess to eat, and the casing isn't thick/waxy. This is a large stick and the seasoning is well balanced. The stick tastes good and I enjoy the flavor, but a flavor called smokehouse I somewhat expect a stronger smokiness.
— Jason
If you are looking for extra protein and health from an unlikely snack source that is also keto friendly, you found it! I think these are very much worth giving a try, and will happily finish the pack as a treat before my summer softball games for energy throughout the game!
My husband says you can eat one like a meal- we all find them very filling. They taste good. They taste like chicken with very mild teriyaki and a hint of egg. They are not sweet. The nutrition levels are five stars- these pack 20 g of protein into one stick.
— Cat
These chicken sticks are huge. My husband has been snacking on them for the last week and he says they grow on you. I actually like them because they have 2 grams of carbs and zero sugar. It is really hard to find a meat snack with no sugar.
— N. Van
I got these chicken sticks for my mom and grandma to try. Very good, excellent source of protein. They have a really great smoky flavor. They were impressed with the taste! I highly recommend trying!
— Alicia
Ovation Foods Chicken Sticks, High Protein, Zero Sugar, Excellent Source of Choline, Keto Friendly.... are a great tasting, convenient-to-carry snack and source of protein. They are great to have on hand for snacking or to include with lunches. I like that they have zero sugar in them.
— Brandi

Eggs are nutrient dense and one of the best sources for essential brain and body health

Did you know that 92% of Americans are deficient in Choline, a vital nutrient for brain health. Every Ovation Foods snack includes 1/3 your daily recommended value of choline naturally delivered from the 1 whole egg in each serving. That's in addition to the other 38 vital nutrients naturally provided.

Simple, pure ingredients.

Every Ovation Foods® snack is made with simple, pure ingredients that you would find in your kitchen at home.