Steak-N-Eggs, one of the most all-American classic food duos is now available as what is sure to be your favorite high-protein nutrient-dense meat snack with Ovation Foods’ protein snack strips. These bar sized strips are prepared with premium real food ingredients, like perfectly seasoned 100% premium cuts of bottom round beef and 1 whole egg. Steak-N-Egg savory meat snacks are ideal for anytime a day that you need a hearty serving of protein and all of the naturally occurring nutrients of whole food ingredients like 1 whole egg.  

Packaged to be on the go when you need it most.  After a workout or outdoor adventure, in-between meetings or class, following the big game or competition, answering your hunger cravings, or even to kick start to your day with pure fuel and no sugar crash!  Skip the food prep. Each 1.6oz bag of Steak-N-Eggs is filled with Steak House quality premium beef, smoked and slow-cooked to a flavorful mouthwatering perfection. Insanely delicious! Incredibly nutritious! Gluten-free, Paleo, and KETO! 

Considered an excellent source of the ever-important essential nutrient Choline, providing a whopping 190mg. 2 of the best single and complete whole food sources of choline are beef (steak) and eggs combined! A real powerhouse super snack!

NUTRIENT-DENSE: 25-28g Protein and over 38 vital nutrients in every 1.6oz bag! 190mg of the essential mind-muscle nutrient Choline. ZERO Sugar

REAL FOOD:  Made from premium cuts of lightly seasoned bottom round beef and 100% of the nutrition from 1 whole egg. Real foods never contain ingredients. Real foods are the ingredients!

THE ULTIMATE MEAT SNACK: Protein perfection defined. For on-the-go active lifestyles, there is no better nutritious snack to fuel your mind, body, and cravings for wholesome, great-tasting, satisfying portable steak strips. Keto and Paleo friendly, gluten-free, Zero Sugar.

What makes our product so special?

Premium cuts, limited recognizable ingredients that you would have in your own kitchen

Our Ingredients
Our Ingredients
Real, premium cuts of meat
All of our snacks are made from high quality, real natural meat. We don’t use fillers, scraps or end pieces. For our Steak-N-Eggs snacks, we use only the highest quality lean bottom round beef.
Our Ingredients
Whole egg
Every snack we create has one whole egg. Eggs are one the most nutritious foods filled with essential nutrients for total body and brain health. Using one whole egg in every snack helps pack in more protein.
Our Ingredients
Spice blend
We keep our snacks simple by only using simple, natural ingredients you would find in your kitchen at home. We lightly season our snacks to provide delicious flavor without sacrificing quality.