Nutrient Rich Snacks from Real Whole Food Ingredients

Good health starts with good nutrition. That’s why we use only high quality, whole, biofunctional ingredients in our snacks.

One Egg, A true SuperFood, Nature's multi-vitamin

Best Source of Choline

One of the best single
dietary food sources of choline

Gold Standard

High-quality protein,
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, immunoglobulins, etc...

Nutritional Benefits

Naturally occurring
bio-functional nutrients

Vital Nutrients

Packed with an abundance of
38 naturally occurring vital nutrients

Familiar ingredients you would find in your own kitchen
Familiar ingredients you would find in your own kitchen
Real, natural premium cuts of meat
All of our snacks are made from high quality cuts of meat and blended with whole egg and flavorful spices.  No Fillers, No Scraps...Ever!
Familiar ingredients you would find in your own kitchen
Real, whole egg
Every serving of our snack contains one whole egg. Eggs are a rich source of nutrients, including high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Familiar ingredients you would find in your own kitchen
Simple spice blend
We lightly season our snacks with spices you would find in your own kitchen.


The world's most innovative natural whole egg ingredient


Our unique format means that Eggsentials® can be added to products and recipes without changing complexity, flavor, or weight—or competing with other ingredients for moisture.


  • Shelf-Stable
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to Use
  • No Clumping or Messy Powder


Every 12.5g of Eggsentials® Dried Whole Egg Beads = 1 Whole Egg Packed full of 35+ Naturally-Occurring Vital Nutrients


We uniquely process Eggsentials® to simply and easily increase the nutritional density of everyday foods while complimenting the products, flavors and recipes that people already love.

Using our proprietary process and unique formulation, we've optimized Eggsentials® for recipe performance. Eggsentials® offer a transformative nutrient boost without changing a recipe's complexity or significantly adding to a food's bulk weight. When added to recipes, Eggsentials® maintain moist textures without competing for moisture; they maintain natural flavors without imparting egg flavors. As a result, Eggsentials® don't perform like your typical egg additives in product and recipe development—they're not intended to have good whipping, gelling or water-binding properties. Instead, you can bake, mix, blend, shake, or stir them into an existing formulation without having to make significant changes. Make food more nutritious with minimal effort.

Simple Ingredients,Big Nutrition

Lean Bottom Round Beef

25g-28g protein

0 - <1g sugar

190mg choline

38 vital nutrients

All under 14 ingredients